I'll use this page to house all my character builds for various systems.

Willow and Tara 

Elizabeth Bathory

Gotham's newest bat.
Her backstory is explored in Elegy and her new series is ongoing.


The Craft
The girls from the movie "The Craft".  For both Ghosts of Albion and Witch Girls Adventures.

The King of Vampires and Prince of Darkness.  This guy does not sparkle.
Plus a link of all the Dracula related posts I have made including movie and book reviews.

The Wicked Witch of the West, but not exactly like the books.

Fire & Ice
Justice League International's super team of Bea and Tora!

Hex, Sylanders
Little Hex, the undead dark elf witch from the wildly popular Skylanders game.

HEX (Sky One TV program)

The Hex Girls
Thorn, Luna and Dusk. Rocking the world and solving mysteries of the supernatural.  They are the Hex Girls!

Justice, aka Astra Kal-El
The daughter of Superman and Wonder Woman fights crime both as a Law Student and as costumed crime fighter Justice!

Prince Mamuwlade, "Blacula"

Dirty Nellie
Everyones favorite Victorian Street-Faerie Prostitute.  Has had enough adventures to make Fanny Hill blush.

The Owens, Practical Magic

Kim Possible

Rachel Morgan and Ivy Tamwood 
From the Kim Harrison The Hollows Series.

Red Sonja
The She-Devil with a Sword herself!

Robin Sena, aka Witch Hunter Robin

Sennen Saranta

The evil magic-user from the LJN Advanced Dungeons & Dragons toyline and Basic/Expert modules.

Sucks to Be Me
  • Mina Smith is a teenage vampire.  No, it is not as cool as you think it is.

Tarot Witch of the Black Rose

From the notorious cult film from the 70's here are Fran and Miriam.
Some Facebook discussions on Fran and Miriam:

Madame Vastra & Jenny
"Tipping the Scales" anyone?  Everyone's favorite Sapphic Silurian and her courageous maid/paramour Jenny.

Xena & Gabrielle
The Warrior Princess and her soulmate the Battling Bard.



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